Seema shares a Mince Pie Moment with South Ribble

Seema Kennedy, Member of Parliament for South Ribble celebrates Christmas with a Mince Pie Moment 

A Mince Pie Moment at Christmas was shared by many people who came out to St. Andrew’s Church in South Ribble. Constituents enjoyed this holiday dish with Seema as she enjoyed the company of individuals from across the community to celebrate the Christmas season and encourage others to spend time with those who might be experiencing loneliness during this time of year. In the spirit of the Jo Cox Great Get Together, this Mince Pie Moment is only one of many examples of events that people can put on to bring the community together.

Seema said: “It is always so wonderful to gather the South Ribble community at this exciting time of year to enjoy a chat and share a mince pie with each other. Christmas can be lonely for some so it is always important to include others, especially during the holidays.”