Local News

Small Business Saturday Winners!

 It was a pleasure to award the prizes for my annual competition for the ‘Best Local Shop’ and ‘Best Market Stall’ in Leyland. Well over a thousand votes were cast and the competition was really intense.

Parliamentary Pancake Race

The Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race is now in its thirtieth year, although this was the first time that I have taken part.

Religious Education in Schools

I had the opportunity to visit a number of local schools, including Tarleton Academy and Little Hoole school, to learn more about how religious education is taught. It was fantastic seeing young people engaging with moral and ethical dilemmas and learning more about world religions.

Launch of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

In the spring of last year Jo Cox approached me to discuss loneliness. She knew I had campaigned about this problem before and wanted me to help co-chair a commission she was setting up to tackle this issue.

Jewish Leadership Council Meeting

I met with the Jewish Leadership Council to discuss the Jewish Community living and working in and around South Ribble. It is always fascinating to get an insight into the issues facing my constituents and it was a very interesting conversation.

Cop Lane School Visit

I visited Cop Lane School and was incredibly impressed by the dedication of the staff to ensuring children have a fulfilling learning experience.

Churches Together Food Collection

It is always fantastic to see the efforts of people to help others within the community. Churches Together do great work in this respect and it was heartwarming to see the scale of donations they have received at Tesco in Leyland to ensure struggling families have a good Christmas.

Meeting with Alzheimers Society

Alzheimers is a plague that affects our older people and I was pleased to have the opportunity to hear about the great work the Alzheimers Society is doing to help those suffering and their carers and families as well as the work they are doing on prevention.

Information on Fostering and Adoption

Caritas Care were providing information on adoption from their mobile van. They were very informative and I would encourage anyone interested in adoption or fostering to give them a call on 0800 652 6955.

Penwortham Girls High School Prizegiving

I was delighted to attend the Penwortham Girls High Prizegiving. It is always inspirational to see hard working young women in these environments and I was so glad to be a part of it.