Jo Cox Loneliness Commission


Jo set up a a cross-party Loneliness Commission with her colleague Seema Kennedy MP. Jo and Seema's vision was that the Commission would run for one year and work with charities, businesses and the Government to turbo-charge the public understanding and policy response to the loneliness crisis.

Following Jo's murder in 2016, this work as taken forward by Seema and  her new co-chair Rachel Reeves MP. Under Seema and Rachel’s leadership in 2017, The Jo Cox Loneliness Commission saw 13 organisations come together to highlight the scale of loneliness throughout the lifecycle and across all areas of society. The Commission met and listened to people who had experienced loneliness including older people, younger people, employers and their employees, children and new parents, people with disabilities, refugees and carers.

The Commission’s work culminated in the publication of the report ‘Combating loneliness one conversation at a time’ at the end of 2017. You can also read Rachel Reeves MP and Seema Kennedy MP’s personal reflections from the Commission here. In January 2018, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, responded overwhelmingly positively to the Commission’s recommendations by appointing Tracey Crouch MP as the new Minister for Loneliness - the first Minister for Loneliness in the world - and committing to creating a loneliness fund and by commissioning a England wide strategy for loneliness. 

                                                                                A call to action report image