Fighting For Our Older People

For too long older people in our society have been neglected. I am working with local representatives to make sure that older people's voices are heard.

This Government has a proud record of achievement for older people - giving a guarantee that ensures the state pension rises by the higher of either the rate of inflation, average earnings or by an absolute minimum of 2.5% a year. Even though money has been tight the Conservatives have also protected free bus passes, Winter Fuel Allowance and free eye tests for older people.

The recent budget has also helped pensioners by allowing them to trade in their annuities for cash pots, with the 55% tax charge abolished and tax applied at only the marginal rate. The widows of our brave police officers and firefighters who choose to marry again have been given a huge helping hand by the budget too, by protecting their existing pensions.

I believe that when you have worked hard and paid taxes all your life it is only right that your corner is fought. We need to continue to build on our excellent record. I have wrotten to the Prime Minister backing calls for the creation of a Minister for Older People. This Minister would champion their interests and ensure that Government policies are sufficiently tailored to older people.

I am a Dementia Friend and would urge you to get the Dementia Friend training too. This important initiative by the Alzheimer's Society needs your support. Visit for more information.