Making our roads safer

Many local residents across South Ribble have written to me to express their concerns about the amount and speed of traffic on their street. I share their concerns over the dangers that speeding vehicles pose to pedestrians and other road users.

Championing Small Businesses

I have worked in a small Preston-based business for many years and know that, despite the best efforts of this Conservative-led government, they are still burdened with too much tax and red tape. I have been visiting small businesses throughout the area, speaking to the owners about how they have found setting up their own enterprise and what the government can do to help them be more successful and create even more jobs.

Fighting For Our Older People

For too long older people in our society have been neglected. I am working with local representatives to make sure that older people's voices are heard.This Government has a proud record of achievement for older people - giving a guarantee that ensures the state pension rises by the higher of either the rate of inflation, average earnings or by an absolute minimum of 2.5% a year. Even though money has been tight the Conservatives have also protected free bus passes, Winter Fuel Allowance and free eye tests for older people.